According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. It is a highly effective way to get noticed by your potential buyers, stay in front of your existing customers, and position yourself as leader in your key industries. In the current climate, with an increase in working from home, standing out in a crowded online space is a must. And, creating engaging content is a great way of doing just that. So, why do as many as 63% of businesses not have a documented strategy in place? For any marketing tactic to be effective, a strategic approach is a must. And, personalization should be at the heart of that strategy. If you haven’t already, it’s time to design a personalized marketing strategy to take your content to the next level, transform your results, and engage your customers like never before.

Why personalized marketing?

Instapage found that those who perceived content to be tailored to their specific needs were 40% more willing to buy from that supplier than those who didn’t. So, it’s not just about creating content — it’s about creating content specifically for your target audience. By conducting research into your target audience, gathering high-quality, accurate data and embracing innovative content personalization tools, marketers can present relevant information to key industries, target accounts and potential customers. Remember, personalized marketing communications aren’t just a preference — in fact, impersonal marketing materials could be damaging customer relationships. According to Smarter HQ, 70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails, and 71% of consumers are frustrated by an impersonal shopping experience, according to Segment.

Email marketing

A tactic as old as digital marketing itself, email marketing works. But, blast emails with generic content are no longer as effective as they used to be. Now more than ever, your B2B decision-makers are at home, in front of their computers. So, it’s time to impress them with bespoke content — and deliver it to them via an email that will make you stand out from a crowded inbox. According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. And, Experian found that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. So, embrace helpful technology that enables you to personalize at scale, tailor your offers, share industry-relevant materials, and drive traffic back to your website where possible — taking your potential customers on a journey that ends with them ready to make a conversion.

Blogging, case studies, videos and website content

Dynamic content personalization helps businesses connect with a variety of decision-makers, industries, and buyers. As a B2B organization, it’s likely you cater to the needs of various sectors and provide more than one product or solution. So, why would you adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing content? Write, film, record and create content that adds value to the audiences that matter most to you. Discover what they’re most likely to engage with — would they rather watch bite-sized videos, read educational blog posts, or listen to a thought-provoking podcast? Ensure the topics are relevant to your potential buyers — from the language used and imagery included to the pain-points and solutions. 

Social media marketing

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” — Jay Baer, author

Social media is an effective way of sharing your content, positioning yourself as an industry-leader, developing a hub of engaged followers and building professional relationships with potential buyers. Identify the platforms your audience engages with most, and become a leader on those channels. Consider your tone of voice, the imagery you share, be sure to link back to a personalized website with campaign-specific landing pages where necessary, and make use of available targeting tools for social adverts. Use relevant hashtags, talk about industry-specific trends, share knowledge, reach out to brands and key decision-makers, and be creative in every campaign you run.

Personalized marketing KPIs

When you’re investing time, budget and creative resources into executing the best personalized marketing campaigns, it’s pivotal to monitor and measure your success. After all, if you’re not tracking progress, how will you know what’s working and what isn’t? Setting clear goals and objectives from the outset is crucial and, in turn, so is establishing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you’ll be tracking. This could be anything from the number of email opens and clicks through to a specific landing page, to conversion-rate, engagement or return on investment. Whatever metrics you decide to measure, ensure your teams are on the same page, have adopted an entirely customer-centric approach, and that targets are achievable.

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