Customer experience (CX) and digital personalization are talked about a lot in the B2B marketing world. And, for a good reason too! They yield excellent results for businesses of all shapes and sizes. For maximum impact, however, they need to go hand in hand and work together like a well-oiled machine. Clicktale discovered that customers who have had an unpleasant experience on a brand website are 88% less likely to return. So, if your organization isn’t already providing an unbeatable, customer-centric digital experience, you could be missing out on vital business opportunities — from both new and existing customers. And, according to Dynamic Yield, 96% of marketers and executives believe in the value of personalization. So, it’s time to use a personalized approach to optimize and enhance your CX and customer journey for the ultimate business results.

What is personalized CX?

A personalized customer experience is all about putting your customers wants and needs at the heart of your wider customer experience strategy. Essentially, this means getting to know your audience and doing what you can to ensure every interaction they have with your brand is simple, enjoyable, intuitive and, most importantly, personalized to them. As a B2B organization, it’s likely that you’ll provide a multitude of products and services and work with a variety of business sectors. This means you’ll have more than one audience — and it’s highly unlikely that the different groups that make up your audience will have the same wants, needs, interests and expectations. Personalized CX is all about ensuring each segment of your audience or target account gets the experience they want — with positive customer experience and relevant marketing materials every step of the way.

Why personalize your CX?

To put it simply, your customers want personalization. It makes their journey easier, increases relevance, and provides them with the content, information and resources they need. Accenture discovered that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. And, according to Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience. Providing great customer experience is about giving your audience what they want, so if you want to boost your marketing measurables — including revenue, conversion rate, customer retention rate, number of leads generated and more — as well as enhance your business reputation, you need to prioritize your customer experience and put personalization at the heart of your strategy.

Ways to personalize your CX

There are a number of ways to personalize your customer experience. But, it’s important to include personalization in your strategy from the outset for the best results. Start by determining the level of personalization you want to execute — and consider your resources before deciding. Let’s explore some options.

  • Audience segmentation

Split your wider audience into smaller groups or ‘segments’ based on similarities they share — their industry, buyer behavior, location, psychographics or demographics. This will help you see the groups that make up your audience and enable you to design strategies for each of them.

  • Account-based marketing

Select a number of specific accounts for your team to target with bespoke marketing campaigns and content. Identify businesses that fit your customer criteria and reach out to key decision-makers as markets of one, prioritizing personalization from the outset.

  • Mass personalization

Use innovative personalization technology to create bespoke experiences for every business opportunity you receive. Execute personalized marketing campaigns with the help of automation and marketing technology, enhancing your customer experience and widening your reach.

Website personalization

Static B2B websites will soon become a thing of the past as on-site personalization grows in popularity. According to Infosys, as many as 74% of consumers feel frustrated by impersonal website experiences. So, if you’re not already offering a personalized experience across every digital touchpoint — including your business website — you risk losing out on three quarters of your potential business opportunities. Website personalization automatically tailors your site based on your visitor, helping to streamline your omnichannel customer experience and ensure your leads and customers go on a seamless, highly-relevant user journey from the moment they discover your business online through to making their purchase.

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