Relevance in marketing and real-time personalization have the power to revolutionize results for digital marketers everywhere. In fact, according to Econsultancy, four in five businesses report an uplift since implementing personalization. And, Epsilon found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with an organization that offers personalized experiences. Plus, it can increase the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 30 percent, according to McKinsey. So, with an uplift in results, an increase in potential buyers, and a more efficient marketing spend — what’s not to love? Let’s explore how relevant content across your marketing channels and B2B website can maximize ROI.

The problem with proving marketing ROI

B2B marketers have a difficult job to do as it is — from enhancing your business reputation and generating leads to hitting revenue targets and enhancing your digital presence. When you add ensuring a strong marketing ROI into the mix, things don’t get any easier. The software and resources you invest in won’t always show results straight away, the leads you pass over to sales can take months to convert, and with such a crowded marketplace, it’s never been more difficult to get heard above the noise. So, marketers in the B2B world need to do what they can to maximize every opportunity, speed up the buyer journey and intensify the results of their marketing activity. Enter relevance: the key to amplifying your marketing ROI.

What do conversions look like to your business?

What your business classes as a conversion will be different depending on what your organization’s goals are. Remember, you can measure more than one type of conversion — micro conversions, for example, are the smaller successes that increase the likelihood of a sale, whereas macro conversions are bigger, more impactful behaviors. If you’re a content-fuelled business looking to boost engagement and educate the market, then a website conversion may be a download or a sign-up. If your site was designed with lead generation in mind, then you’ll be looking to secure inquiries or requests to introduce to your sales pipeline. And finally, if you have an active website that enables visitors to make purchases, then transactions are what you should be focused on.

Boosting conversions with relevance and marketing

It’s simple. The more relevant the marketing experience you provide to your prospects, the more likely they are to convert. As we hurtle towards an eCommerce model, with more and more B2B websites enabling transactions online, conversions begin to drive revenue. Let’s explore how to weave personalization into your strategy.

  • ABM, segmentation and mass personalization

The first step to delivering hyper-relevant content is to identify your audience and know the level of personalization you plan to adopt. Will you be creating relevant experiences for a group of carefully selected businesses, key industries, or using tech to personalize at scale?

  • Personalized content marketing

Relevant and compelling content should be at the heart of your strategy. From engaging blog posts and guides to video marketing material, you’ll see better conversions when content is designed with your target audiences in mind.

  • Utilizing the right channels

Discover where your audience spends time online, the social platforms they use and communication methods they prefer, and ensure these are what you’re prioritizing.

  • On-site personalization

Your website is a key component of your online marketing experience, helping you streamline your digital experience, generate leads and more. Embracing personalization software to deliver an individualized view of your website in real-time can dramatically improve results.

  • Personalized PPC and campaign-specific landing pages

When you pay for digital advertising, making use of advanced targeting capabilities is crucial to maximize ROI — with personalized content and advertisements linking through to a bespoke landing page to make every click count.

  • Customized CTAs

Your calls-to-action should accurately showcase your desired outcome, so ensure they speak directly to your audience and guide them towards a conversion.

SEO, CRO and real-time relevance

As B2B marketers, we already invest so much in maximizing our website performance. With your SEO and CRO strategies running seamlessly in the background, optimizing your website experience — on-site personalization is the missing piece of the puzzle. For maximum ROI, marketers need to be delivering personalized website experiences in real-time — increasing the likelihood of conversion, enhancing the customer journey, and maximizing the return from your digital marketing output.

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