Account-based marketing, or ABM, is an effective marketing strategy that sees organizations treat key prospects or customers as individual markets, rather than one wider audience.  This highly-personal and targeted approach means that marketers can focus specifically on businesses, tailoring their approach and creating bespoke content with their potential customer in mind.  It sees amazing results, too — according to ITSMA, 85% of marketers say ABM outperforms other marketing investments.  So, if it isn’t already a part of your marketing plan, then now is a good time to consider including it in your 2020 strategy.  If you’re looking to skyrocket marketing measurables and enhance customer experience, discover how a robust ABM strategy could help.

Lead generation

Account-based marketing helps businesses focus on gaining high-quality leads, rather than large quantities of leads.  For B2B organizations in particular, buyer journeys are often long and complex, spanning multiple decision-makers and taking up large amounts of time.  An ABM strategy can help support this — your organization can choose to target accounts that you know can afford your product and have a genuine need for it.  This way, leads are more likely to convert and don’t run the risk of churning further down the funnel.  While it may be a slower process, the results are worth it.  If you’re hoping to improve conversion rate, then a personalized ABM approach can help.  And, according to StrataBeat, Enterprise businesses are 285% more likely to close with ABM, and their deals are an average of 35% larger.

Brand awareness

There are tons of effective ways to get your brand noticed by the people or businesses that matter most to you.  Whether it’s through paid digital advertising, a social media strategy, a direct mail campaign, or through working your way to the top of the search engine results page.  However, you choose to do it, an ABM strategy can help.  According to InstaPage, 63% of consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting or relevant.  By putting your customer at the heart of your digital marketing activities, and creating content that resonates with them specifically, you can build a brand that impresses your target audience and meets their needs.

Increased sales

Account-based marketing is a foolproof way to align sales and marketing teams with a wider focus on winning business and making a sale.  With such a highly-targeted approach, marketers and salespeople must work in harmony to ensure a seamless customer experience, both working to nurture the lead towards making a purchase.  According to SiriusDecisions, B2B organizations with aligned sales and marketing departments achieve a 24% faster three-year revenue growth, and 27% faster three-year profit growth.  And, 91% of those with an ABM strategy in place described their teams sales and marketing teams as ‘tightly’ or at least ‘somewhat or moderately’ aligned.  So, if increasing sales is part of your wider business strategy, then consider implementing an ABM strategy, focusing on high-value accounts, dream clients or businesses that fit your customer criteria.

Driving website traffic

What happens before you click on a website link?  Unless the content, advert or post driving you to a website is engaging, relevant or interesting to you, then it is unlikely you’ll choose to visit that site.  When it comes to ABM, every marketing communication, whether that be via email marketing, social media marketing, content or digital, or even through highly-tailored ads targeting your accounts specifically, a personalized approach is encouraging them to click through.  This will dramatically increase the level of traffic to your site — and more importantly, all of the visitors will be relevant to your business, engaged with your brand, and likely to convert to a lead or customer.


Positioning yourself as an industry-leader should be a key part of your strategy.  InstaPage found that 87% of consumers said personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.  And, when it comes to personalizing content, an ABM strategy is the ultimate approach to creating valuable and bespoke materials for your key accounts.  Provide educational insight that resonates with decision-makers in the organizations you are targeting.  Identify issues and provide solutions based on the industries they work in.  Write engaging blog posts, and share them on channels that your target audience use, encouraging them to explore your site and guiding them towards building a professional relationship with you.

Webeo is a leading website personalization software that creates bespoke online experiences for B2B organizations.  The software works by tailoring the content, imagery, language and greetings that website visitors see based on their business IP address.  This way, businesses can present the perfect website in real-time, for every user, every time.  Supercharge your ABM campaigns by aligning all digital touchpoints with the power of personalization.  Display content that matters the most to your key accounts, speak to them directly and position your brand as a leader in their field.  Boost your conversion rate, enhance your SEO ranking, see ROI fast and put customer experience at the heart of your strategy.  Discover Webeo and book your demonstration today.