If you’re looking to improve your digital marketing approach, then exploring online digital marketing courses is a great place to start. But remember, not all successful marketers have a formal qualification in place. There’s hordes of great marketing tips and internet marketing advice available online. Discover Webeo: Futures — here you can find videos, best practice guides and blog posts exploring all things digital marketing. Delve into digital content marketing material produced by marketing industry leaders and gain valuable insight and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to boost your existing digital marketing knowledge, or you’re a beginner looking for all-encompassing online marketing courses, there is a program out there for you. We’ve explored some of our favorites, covering a multitude of abilities, price-ranges and qualification types.

Digital Marketing Institute: Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

“Welcome to the Global Standard in Digital Marketing Training.”

DMI offers a globally-recognized digital marketing training certification. If you’re looking for a formal diploma, then DMI offers courses for you. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program suited for all; from beginners to professionals looking to upskill. The course provides an on-hand team for support and an interactive learning system. Key skill development will include modules on social media marketing, SEO and more. DMI courses are paid for, and this specific course take place across 30 hours. Certification levels can range from Certified Digital Marketing Associate through to Certified Digital Marketing Master. DMI also offers a membership, which provides exclusive connections to thought-leading content, industry news and updates, and support for professional development. According to DMI, 95% of its graduates are currently employed, and 88% work at senior or management level.

Google Analytics Academy: get to grips with data

“Learn analytics with free online courses.”

Data is an extremely power digital marketing tool when used correctly. Google Analytics is a house-hold name in the world of marketing and learning to use it to its full effect is a crucial and sought-after skill. Google Analytics Academy helps marketers get to grips with the tool, with courses designed for beginners, advanced marketers, and those looking to discover more of its capabilities. As far as marketing courses go, Google Analytics Academy only explores its own tool; however, analyzing data, making sense of analytics, understanding website traffic and measuring campaign success are all transferable skills that marketers will use across multiple platforms and industries. Like Webeo, Google Analytics Academy also offers a range of informal mini-courses on YouTube to help you further develop your understanding of and relationship with Google marketing tools.

Hootsuite Academy: gain social marketing expertise

“Advance your social media skills and career.”

Online social media platform Hootsuite offers its own academy, providing learning resources and training taught by industry professionals. Boasting more than 400,000 students and 46,000 certified graduates, Hootsuite Academy offers the perfect digital courses for marketers looking to tackle the world of digital and social marketing. The academy offers some free digital marketing courses; however, the majority are individually priced. Courses are predominantly beneficial to Hootsuite users and those specifically working in social media. Costs and timescales vary but are usually between 2 and 40 hours. The platform provides certifications recognized by social media experts around the globe — certifications include a Hootsuite Platform Verification, Social Marketing Verification, and Social Selling Certification.

Marketing Profs: all things internet marketing

“Laser-focused, filler-free training to you a more awesome marketer.”

If you’re looking for a bounty of highly-focused digital marketing training courses, the MarketingProfs could be home to the perfect resources for you. Courses explore specific skills that marketers need to succeed, broken down into campaign frameworks; Strategy, Analyze, Communicate, Create, Management and Plan. Each course is individually priced and comes with a 7 day guarantee — if you’re not a better marketer, the brand will refund your purchase. After completing a course, you’ll receive a downloadable certificate. Or, you can opt to ‘Go Pro’ for access to all courses. Some of the most popular courses include Planning Your Content Marketing Campaign, Marketing Automation Made Easy, and The Six Secrets to Successful Influencer Campaigns.

LinkedIn Learning: for B2B marketing insight

“Keep learning in moments that matter.”

B2B marketer favorite, LinkedIn, is home to LinkedIn Learning. Back in 2015, the social platform acquired Lynda.com — a website founded in 1995, dedicated to creative and business skills. It offers courses, videos and learning path solutions for businesses, covering topics from digital marketing and brand management to advertising and promotion. Courses are individually priced, or users are able to pay for a monthly membership. Program times vary — ranging from under an hour to more than 4 hours, depending on the subject area. Training is hosted by instructors with real-world experience, and most courses offer a certificate of completion. Learn Online Marketing Foundations, Marketing on Instagram, and Digital Marketing Trends and more.

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