According to Smart Insights, as many as 72% of consumers will only engage with personalized marketing messages — even though 86% are concerned about data privacy. So, it’s safe to say that personalization is in demand — and that demand is growing rapidly. In fact, Martech Today found that almost 90% of marketers personalize at least one channel. And, according to Smarter HQ, more than half of digital marketers describe personalization as their number one priority. A personalized marketing strategy works, and marketers understand its importance — but how can they use it to transform their business? Let’s explore five crucial ways your business will benefit from personalization.

Prove value to prospects

B2B buyers are busy — and with packed days and full inboxes, sometimes making purchases moves down their list of things to do. So, how can B2B marketers cut through a crowded market and prove to potential customers that their business is the best vendor to work with? Personalized marketing approaches add value to potential buyers. In fact, as many as 12% of online shoppers choose brands based on personalized offers according to PWC. So, weave dynamic personalization throughout your messages, materials, content and website. Create industry-specific content, share relevant case studies, use language and imagery that resonates with your target accounts and show them that you’re serious about their business.  

Build better relationships

Your existing customers, potential buyers and ABM targets should always be on your radar. Customer satisfaction needs to be at the heart of your strategy, and offering an effective customer journey should be a priority. Building strong relationships with your customers provides a whole host of benefits — and personalization is a great way to forge professional relationships, improve loyalty and enhance your business reputation. Remember, almost 60% of brand loyal shoppers will refer friends and families to brands they love, according to Yotpo. So, the best personalized marketing campaigns will not only invest in your existing business relationships but also lead to future business.

Impress every visitor, every time

Your website is the modern-day shop window — and in a crowded, online market, you don’t have long to engage a potential buyer. That’s where web personalization tools can help you capture your visitors’ attention fast, transforming your site to suit their needs in real-time. Whether it’s the greeting they’re met with, or accurate product recommendations based on previous engagements, the right personalization tech can ensure your website meets the needs of potential buyers, whether they’re first-time visitors or previous customers. In fact, Barilliance found that there is a 170% increase in the purchase-rate of personalized product recommendations compared to those that are non-personalized.

Boost conversion-rate

A study by Evergage found that 98% of marketers see how personalization advances customer relationships, with almost three quarters agreeing that personalization has a strong or extreme impact. Additionally, more than half have seen increases of more than 10% in their main KPIs. So, if you’re looking to boost your conversions, increase engagement, and gain new customers, a personalized experience is a must. Remember, this includes your B2B website — after all, if your marketing materials are bespoke, your website needs to match that level of personalization, too.According to Fresh Relevance, a personalized homepage can increase sales by as much as 7%. So, embrace personalization tools to design a seamless, relevant journey and boost conversions.

Maximize marketing ROI

Proving ROI can be challenging for B2B marketers. But, with so much of your time, budget and resources invested in your marketing strategies, a strong ROI is pivotal to securing results and seeing success. Personalization holds the key to maximizing your return. In fact, more than three quarters of businesses that exceeded their revenue goals in 2018 have a documented personalization strategy according to Monetate. This makes perfect sense — the more relevant the experience, the higher chance of engagement, conversion, inquiry, or retention. So, get to know your audience, tailor your content to meet their needs, master the platforms that matter most to them, and transform your static website to ensure every step of their brand journey is seamlessly tailored to them.

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