Is your current customer experience anything less than perfect? If so, it’s time to weave CX through everything you do and transform your business. According to Bain and Company, organizations with a customer experience mindset drive 4-8% higher revenue than the rest of their industries. And, Gartner found that two thirds of businesses now compete on customer experience. So, if you’re not already prioritizing CX, then you could be missing out on new business, loyal customers and the benefits of an enhanced reputation. Start by assessing where you are now, and identifying what you want to achieve. Then, explore these five tips to customer experience to transform your process.

Create a vision

You’ve looked at what you currently do in terms of customer experience, and you’ve explored what it is you want to achieve. For maximum results, your teams need to be fully onboard, aligned and working towards the same set of goals. Your vision should highlight your organization’s emotional connection to your customers — this should be simple to understand, motivate your employees and remind them to prioritize customer experience every step of the way. It should be shared by all departments and link to your wider business strategy or existing brand values. Try and break it down into digestible bullet points, or an easy-to-understand sentence that employees can apply to their day-to-day activities.

Assess your customer journey

Your user journey is a pivotal part of your wider customer experience — so ensuring yours is user-friendly, intuitive and simple is important. Everyone’s will be different, and can span a whole range of marketing channels and activities. Start by thinking about your website — is it easy to navigate? Are your form-fills simple? Are your calls-to-action easy to see? Is it fast-loading, up-to-date and visually attractive? All of these components play a role in improving your customer journey — but remember, the journey often doesn’t start at your website. Ensure your social media posts, content marketing material and paid advertising links through to relevant pages on your site and make for an engaging journey. 

Get to know your customers

Now, you have a clear customer experience vision in place, and you’ve optimized your customer journey. The next step towards great customer experience is ensuring you know exactly who your audience is. Remember, everything you do as a business should be with your customers in mind — so getting to know them inside out is really important. Start by looking at your existing customers to gain a clear understanding of who currently buys your product or services. Use a segmentation strategy to split your audience into groups that share similarities, or identify key accounts and businesses you want to target specifically as part of an account-based marketing strategy. The more you know, the better and more data-fueled your future strategies will be.

Implement a personalized marketing approach

It’s time to use your data and insight to design a personalized marketing approach. Conduct research and establish where your target audience spends time online — what social channels are they using? Do they prefer to be contacted via phone or email? Are they more likely to engage with blog posts and downloadable PDFs, or bite-sized videos and podcasts? Putting personalization at the core of your customer experience strategy is key. Not only do you need to understand the mediums your audience want to engage with, but also the topics they want to read or hear about. Cover industry-specific subjects, highlight pain-points and prove you’re a leader in their business sector.

Introduce technology for a seamless experience

From using automation to speed up processes and customer relationship management (CRM) software to align your teams, to chatbots for the best customer service and mass personalization technology to create bespoke experiences — there is a software solution to supercharge your CX. Website personalization should be a key part of your customer experience strategy — ensuring your personalized marketing approach is seamless across all channels. According to Red Website Design, you have just 10 seconds to impress a potential customer when they land on your website. So, make it count! Website personalization technology enables businesses to create highly personalized on-site experiences based on their visitor, without having to make changes to the code. This puts customer experience at the heart of your business website — if your marketing materials are tailored to meet your customers’ needs, then why should your website be any different?

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