Website personalization is not a new concept.  According to Dynamic Yield, 96% of marketers believe there is value in personalization.  So, why is it that 36% of individuals are unable to personalize the customer experience effectively?  Site personalization is the next crucial evolution in personalized marketing.  There are so many fantastic benefits of web personalization.  In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences, according to Epsilon Marketing.  When it is done right, companies reap the rewards!  Let’s explore what successful web personalization looks like and see what we can learn from the companies that have taken personalization to the next level.

Amazon — owning personalized recommendations

According to Inc, Amazon makes up 43% of all online sales.  That’s almost half of everything purchased online!  So, it’s safe to say that the company is getting something right.  And, it really is a trailblazer when it comes to dynamic website personalization.  Amazon uses data to truly understand its customers and make recommendations that match their needs and interests.  Pure360 found that 35% of Amazon’s annual revenue comes from cross-selling and upselling.  That means more than a third of what the company makes each year has come from suggesting different, or more expensive products to its customer base.  This is no surprise when we discover that 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations, according to Invespcro.

What can we learn from Amazon?  Product recommendation works wonders!  Make the most of the data you have and suggest products that matter to your customers.

Pandora — recommendation engine proves powerful

Like Amazon, music streaming service and automated recommendation platform Pandora creates incredible personalized user experience.  In year ending December 2016, Pandora made more than $1 billion dollars in advertising revenue, according to Statista.  But it hasn’t made it there without the help of machine learning.  In fact, it uses machine learning algorithms to get to know the music its customers want to hear and creates personalized playlists.  This comes at a great benefit to customers!  Especially considering 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized, according to Instapage.

What can we learn from Pandora?  Embrace machine learning!  The more data you have access to, the more personalization opportunities there are.

Netflix – takes personalized content up a notch

As the most popular streaming service in the world, marketers can certainly learn a thing or two from Netflix.  It is a household name — 61 percent of internet users in North America used Netflix in the last month as of the second quarter of 2017 according to Statista.  But why is it so popular?  Well, Salesforce found 59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business.  So, if you want your business to take center-stage, bespoke experiences matter.  The more personalized, the better!

What can we learn from Netflix?  Accuracy is everything!  Do what it takes to ensure accurate data.  Invest in software, segment your audience, embrace ABM … whatever works best for you.

Facebook — data collection experts

Facebook owns the market when it comes to social media personalization.  The algorithm has sparked debate — with lots of users requesting the previously chronological timeline.  However, the social network’s advertising revenue in 2017 was 39.9 billion U.S. dollars.  So, while it may bother some users, their personalization approach is still proving extremely powerful.  According to Instapage, more than half of consumers are happy to provide personal information if it benefits them and is being used responsibly.  Facebook can access hordes of data from its 2.38 billion users.  But whether the data is being used responsibly has been up for debate; especially after the platform was involved in one of tech’s largest data breaches in recent years.

What can we learn from Facebook?  Use data responsibly!  Incorrect use of information could lead to lost customers, negative reputation, or far worse. Ensure your business is clued up!

Webeo —  global leader in personalization software

“Within 6 months of using this software we’ve already achieved an ROI of 500%.” – Gavin Farley, Co-founder and director In2Events.

When it comes to personalization, B2B organizations to date are behind the curve.  Webeo is the website personalization tool leading the way for B2B personalization success.  The softeware works by tailoring the appearance of your company website based on the visitor’s IP address.  This way, you can greet businesses by name, present relevant content, and use imagery that meets the business’s needs to instantly grab the attention of the person browsing the site from their very first interaction.  It’s proving extremely successful — every single Webeo client has reported an increase in their website conversion and an uplift in ROI as a direct result of Webeo.

What can we learn from Webeo?  Website personalization software is out there — and not just for consumer brands!  You can read more Webeo customer success stories here.

B2B website personalization and what it means for businesses

Website personalization is all about going the extra mile.  For B2B companies, this means proving to prospects you know what you’re talking about, and that they should work with you.  Develop a website personalization strategy or incorporate personalization in your marketing strategy.  Get to know the different types of personalization and learn how you can embark on a personalized marketing journey.  As personalization and customization become the norm, B2B organizations need to keep up to stand out from their competition!  Basic personalization isn’t enough to cut through the noise anymore — Pure360 found that only 8% of survey respondents would engage with an email addressing them by name.  And, what’s more, Infosy discovered that 31% of those surveyed wish their shopping experience was more personalized than it currently is.  Make sure your B2B website isn’t letting your brand down.  Get personal and keep up with the trailblazers!

Don’t get left behind!  The Webeo team can get yout started and guide you through to personalization success.  Discover website personalization today and see how it can take your business to the next level. Book your free demonstration today!