Customer experience is a broad term, encompassing every aspect of your customer journey, a positive customer service and the way your customer feels about their interactions with your brand. PRNewswire discovered that 81% of organizations view customer experience as a competitive differentiator. This makes sense when we learn the vast benefits it brings B2B organizations. According to SuperOffice, customer experience initiatives have the potential to double your revenue within three years. And, CX helps create loyal customers, too — PWC discovered 73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties. If you haven’t already put customer experience at your organization’s core, you risk falling behind your competitors. Let’s explore some examples of winning B2B customer experience in action.


IBM is a global technology organization that is leading the way in B2B customer experience. But, what makes its CX so successful? The organization provides every client with a team of specialists to help train them to use the best tools for their business and integrate IBM Cloud Storage. Plus, the business developed the IBM Customer Experience Lab to help them provide the best CX across their channels, as well as regularly taking customer feedback. Gaining valuable insight from your customers should be a key part of your plan — according to Oracle, 63% of CX professionals rely on customer feedback to help create better products, service and customer experiences. Ask, listen and make changes as necessary.


FedEx is a US-based delivery service — it has an unbeatable reputation in the world of B2B customer experience and, while it’s available to individuals, it profits most from B2B revenue. FedEx has a customer loyalty and satisfaction market research team in place — this is crucial, especially since according to American Express, 33% of American customers say they’ll consider switching companies immediately following a single instance of poor service. The organization also employs a highly-successful, customer-centric content marketing strategy, and a team to test the expectations of the existing market. The brand is considered the second most trusted B2B organization, according to Forbes.


Workplace communications app, Slack, was launched in 2013 and is now worth more than $20 billion. The tool encompasses a customer-focused approach — first and foremost, it was designed with customers in mind and, since its creation, strives to make customers’ lives easier. The brand’s quick success saw an increased need for customer service — Slack’s CS team is made up of specialists, so users benefit from speaking directly to a specialist about their issue. Don’t dismiss the power of a great customer service team — American Express discovered that 62% of customers said the customer service representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness was key to a recent good experience.


Adobe is a household name known for providing software solutions to businesses. The brand has customers at its core, with a robust customer experience strategy in place. This includes focusing employees on success and aligning teams; installing ‘Customer Listening Centers’ to give staff an insight into customer issues, and holding ‘experience-athons’ so employees outside of the product development team can test products and provide feedback, helping the business produce the best product from the outset. Remember, engaged employees help businesses win more customers — ‘The Next Ten Years’ discovered that 79% of employees at organizations with above-average customer experience are highly engaged in their jobs.


According to Evergage, as many as 74% of online consumers get frustrated with impersonal website content. And, Accenture found that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations. Innovative, on-site personalization tool, Webeo, helps businesses deliver an exceptional digital customer experience for their B2B website visitors. Thanks to a highly personalized experience, the B2B customer journey is seamless from start to finish. Not only does it enable organizations to reap the rewards of great CX, but it also prides itself on providing unbeatable customer service, too. In fact, every Webeo client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is there to help them reach their marketing, sales and customer retention goals, achieve the best results, optimize their website experience and get the maximum return on investment from Webeo. 

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