Account-based marketing, or ABM, has taken the B2B world by storm — providing marketers with the opportunity to reach their dream clients with personalized, highly-targeted marketing materials.  But when it comes to getting noticed by high-value potential customers, you need to execute a winning strategy from the outset.  We’ve put together 10 great examples how to do account-based marketing right.  Use these ideas to help fuel your ABM campaigns — but remember, it’s all about opting for a personalized approach for each target account.  Do your research, discover what they like, and implement a bespoke campaign for great results.

Run personalized email campaigns

According to Experian, personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.  So, when it comes to executing email campaigns, it’s crucial to get personal.  Think beyond the subject line, address your decision-maker or key account by name and provide them with insightful, relevant marketing content that directs them to your website.  While this is often a long game, it’s worth it in the end — in fact, according to Monetate, marketers see an average increase of 20% when providing personalized experiences.

Create and share tailored content

According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and generates 3 times as many leads.  And, your decision-makers are reading it, too — almost half of B2B buyers consume 3-5 pieces of content before reaching out to a sales rep according to DemandGen.  Content marketing is hugely popular right now — and for it to be effective, it needs to be relevant and personalized.  Conduct research and discover exactly what kind of content your target audience is looking to engage with.

Personalize offers or product recommendations

A study by SalesForce found that shoppers that clicked on recommendations were 4.5x more likely to add items to their cart and make a purchase.  So, consider this in your ABM strategy. Making your key account’s customer journey as easy as possible — by displaying products or services that meet their business needs — you’ll supercharge your chances of seeing conversions and increase the likelihood of getting their business. Whether it’s on your website or via other marketing communications, be sure to make your offer stand out.

Run an effective B2B blog

Running a business blog poses so many benefits to your organization.  According to Impact, 77% of internet users read blogs.  And, HubSpot states that blogs have been rated the 5th most trusted source for accurate information online.  Use your business blog to speak to your target accounts — produce industry-specific content, mention them by name or link to their blog.  And, remember, by regularly posting keyword-loaded blog posts, your site will move up the SEO ranks, positioning you as even more trustworthy in the eyes of your target accounts.

Host insightful, relevant webinars

Proving yourself as an industry leader through engaging video content is a marketing must when it comes to your ABM approach.  According to ON24, 89% of webinar hosts agreed they are the best platform to showcase and grow their business.  So, don’t dismiss webinars from your strategy. Cover topics that matter to your key decision-makers, and be sure the information they take away leaves them wanting to reach out to you for more — and not like they’ve wasted their time watching a cleverly disguised hard-sell!

Execute targeted social media ads and campaigns

According to Emarsys, around 42% of the population use social media. So, be sure to include it as part of your ABM plan.  Use social selling to engage key decision-makers through their professional networks, and execute a series of bespoke social media campaigns to grab their attention.  Mention or your target accounts in your posts, and share interesting social content that links to relevant pages on your website.  And remember, running highly-targeted social adverts on relevant platforms should be included in your budget!

Send creative direct mail marketing

If you want to make an impact, sometimes taking things offline work a treat.  According to Resource For Solutions, 80-90% of direct mail gets opened. While it can sometimes be expensive — especially for smaller organizations with fewer resources — it can truly make your brand stand out.  Think creatively — what might our key decision-maker use a lot? Is there something you can send that would be on display for the whole office to see?  Subtly use your branding where possible to remind your ABM targets that you’re there.

Embrace influencer marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t exclusive to the consumer world!  It’s highly effective for B2B marketers, too — in fact, TapInfluence found that B2B influencer marketing content delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.  When it comes to reaching your target market, developing professional relationships with influential people, businesses and website can make a huge impact.  It’s like getting a stamp of approval from someone they trust.  Consider working with big-names in their industry and writing guest posts on business blogs your target audience reads.

Run or sponsor an unbeatable event

According to Bizzabo, 63% of marketers plan on investing more in live events.  And, Sometimes, getting in front of the right person is what it takes to get noticed.  Consider running an event designed with your key accounts in mind, or sponsoring an event that is popular in their sector.  Send them a personalized invitation, or reach out and suggest meeting for a chat during the event.  If the event involves a presentation, tailor your content to position your product as the solution to their specific industry or business pain points.

Implement website personalization  

Adage discovered that 33% of marketers see personalization as a top priority for the future.  Website personalization helps businesses seamlessly weave their ABM campaigns together.  With bespoke communications landing in your target account’s inbox or driving them to your website — why should the page they land on be any different?  Onsite personalization transforms your website to meet the needs of the visitor, positioning your brand as the obvious choice to work with.  Impress decision-makers and prove you value their visit with bespoke experiences.  Embrace innovative real-time technology to supercharge your ABM approach.

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